16.02 – New tab layouts

The Project page was becoming overloaded with controls. The tabs across the middle of the page could scroll off to almost twice the width of a standard Macbook display, so we decided to do something about it.

As part of our UI overhaul, we have built a new system that allows us to build configurable tabs and menus from JSON text.


Example JSON code for the Project Tabs

In this release, we with have applied this to the Project page. Changes to other areas (Jobs, Dashboard etc) will come very soon.


The Project page Tabs

In an upcoming release, your CETA Administrator will be able to completely redefine what items show in the tabs, and will even be able to add links to their own content.

Until then, each tab has an ID – which means that if you want to hide any of them it is still easily done using the user.css file.

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