16.02 – Project Milestones

iCFM now contains the ability to schedule Project “Milestones”. Milestones are phases or tasks within a Project, and are assigned to a Producer.

Milestones create bars in the Schedule just like regular bookings, but they are not shown within the same space. They are kept out of the main Schedule and will only be visible when you open a View that contains the word “Milestones”.

Usually, this View would contain the Producers from a specific Depot – so you can see how busy each Producer is likely to be in that date range.

Milestones render on the Schedule page in stacks – so when a Producer has more than one Milestone happening at once, they will appear vertically stacked up.

This allows you to gauge how busy a Producer is by glancing at how many rows are used for a Producer at any one time.

Milestones do not have to be assigned to the same Producer as the main Project, and each Milestone can have its own information, including:

  • Producer Name
  • Type (Bidding, Production, Shoot, Approvals etc)
  • Title / Description
  • Start / End Date
  • Estimated Days Required
  • Percentage Complete
  • Status (New, Active, Complete, Cancelled etc)

This is still a work-in-progress, but it is already so useful right now that we thought we would release it early.

The next feature we will be adding to Milestones is the ability for Producers to log time against them – which can become billable to the Project if required.

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