16.05 – Despatch Service “Costs” Matrix

When you add a service to a despatch note, the “Cost to us” field was often left blank. This would cause issue with P&L reporting to the degree that we’ve made it a mandatory field.

When adding a service, you have the ability to enter a price it costs you as a company. There is a new matrix of what happens if you do not fill this value in

Virtual Cost
If the ratecard service is a virtual cost, you must enter a “Cost to us” value. Due to the nature of virtual costs, iCFM cannot estimate the figure for you. You cannot save the despatch note if you do not enter a cost manually.

Normal Ratecard
Normal ratecard items (i.e no virtual costs) can be filled in by yourself or left blank. If you enter a price yourself, that is the price that will be used. If you do not, then:

If you are using staff costs, then the staff cost for this item will be used.

(If you are using the 3 tier’ed system for staff costs, then the tier that is used will be the “defaultstafftieronquotes” field in the allocation table for the project type. Your iCFM administrator should be able to tell you this information)

If you are not using staff costs, or the staff cost is zero, then the ratecard price will be used.

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