16.08 – DMG Control changes

With this update we have added a new way of viewing the DMG control screen. This is not enabled by default, however if you choose to, you can expand the DMG rows on the DMG control to see the individual technical items on that job.

See below, the “standard” DMG control screen. When you click a job, the DMG details are loaded at the foot of the screen:


Its not all that different, however the main difference is that you can assign a particular line on the DMG to a certain user. In the existing DMG control you can only assign the ENTIRE job to the user.

This also fires events into our message queue. You can hook into this event to notify the user to the new allocated work.

This is how the new control looks now:



NOTE: This change is not enabled by default. If you would like us to switch it on for you, then please contact us.