16-08 – Leads Changes

We have redesigned the layout and added a new feature to our Leads module.

Each of the areas on the Lead detail page have now been separated out onto their own tab making it much easier to navigate to specific data.


We have also added the ability to create “Stages” for a lead, this works in a similar way to the recently added Milestones feature. A “Stage” can be thought of as a task which is required for the Lead to progress. An example of such a task may be something like sending out an NDA or researching company information.

The ‘Stages’ can be user defined via the Combo Box Options area of the system. By default, 3 stages will already be set up for you, these are simply called Stage 1, Stage 2 etc

To add your own stages, access the Combo Box area of the system, and select or create a new category named “leadstage”.

From the new “Stages” tab, you can create a new entry by clicking the “Add Stage” link located at the top right of the Stages section.

Clicking the “Add Stage” link will pop-up a dialog where you can enter the task details.

There are currently four fields available: Stage, Allocated To, Required Date and Comments.


The “Allocated To” data comes from the Resource List where the Staff resource has the category code “/producer”.

Once you have created a new Task and Saved it, it will be added to the Stage details table.

Stages can be Deleted, Edited and Completed using the icons in the ‘Action’ column in the far right cell of each Stage row.

When a Stage is completed, the details of who completed the Stage will be added to the Completed By, (this will be the currently logged in users details), and also the current date and time will be added to the Completed Date column.