16.08 – Changes to Resource Information Popup

The pop-up shown when viewing information about a resource has grown significantly over the years. This has resulted on it not always fitting on a small display (Macbook).

As our users generated more and more historical data for those resources – it also meant that showing an unlimited amount of history for each artist / editor would slow the initial display of the pop-up to an almost unusable speed.

To counter these issues we have made a few changes to the pop-up.


It now has a reduced height for all rows – meaning the same information can be shown in less vertical space. This looks a little cluttered, but we did not want to reduce font size or remove any information.

We now also only show the most recent 25 projects that an artist / editor worked on in the bottom table of data.

We have also removed the total number of hours worked per service – as this information was of little practical use, and would take a while to calculate, especially for artists / editors who have worked in the company for a while.