17.05 – Release Notes

New Features


  • We now log an entry in a Job’s history when an operator is assigned a DMG request. [11141]
  • We have changed the colour of Jobs that overrun on the DMG control as they looked too similar to Jobs that were urgent. Overrun Jobs will now be displayed with a Purple background with a Red border. [6219]
  • When a user starts/stops something on a DMG Job, either the entire job (using the VT start/stop link) or the new green play button on the dmg detail, the start/end time is recorded and this will enable us to pull reports on how long a job took, and who actively worked on it, etc. [6859]
  • When you click “Add Request” on the DMG tab now, if there are more DMG requests than can fit on the screen, the screen is automatically scrolled to the bottom so you can get onto filling it out ASAP. [7014]
  • The booked units input has been changed to allow values with two decimal places. [11901]


  • When creating a Project from a Lead the lead editor will automatically have the commission set to 100 percent. This will also happen when adding a new Lead Editor via the Project Team tab. [7485]
  • Added a feature that allows the producer to specify a % to a member of the team. If that member of the team is scheduled, we can track a commission style cost – based on the entered % and the total revenue of “creative” services (also configurable). This is used rather than specifying a day-rate for artists/creatives who are paid in this way. [12471]


  • Tidied up the main menu and added ‘Find’ and ‘New’ links to the Sundry Cost and Contact options. [11311]


  • Added a new config setting which when enabled, will allow a user to edit the costs attached to invoices, (allow_invoice_changes). In order for this to work, the user must have the correct permissions configured in their user profile. [10812]


  • Added an option to enter additional information when selecting the lead status ‘Passed’. [12802]
  • Creating a new Lead, changing it’s status or creating a Project from a Lead now adds an entry into the company CRM data. [11322]


  • Purchase Orders costs are now displayed correctly on the Project ‘Service Costs’ report. The PO Supplier name is displayed in the resource column. [8106]


  • Added the Project margin percentage to the Project confirmation email. [12351]


  • If you are looking at the project summary tab and you click “new bid”, you are presented with the “quote templates”. Choosing a template will just create you a bid based on the template and open it. Using the New Bid icon from the project->entity->quotes page will open a New Quote as per the existing methods. [11252]

Quote Auth

  • We’ve added the name of the person who authorised a Bid along with the date it was authorised to the custom quote confirmation pop-up. [7616]


  • We’ve added a setting that allows you to control 2nd Pencils within jobs. There is now a setting that will prevent your system from having a job that is NOT 2nd Pencil with any resources within it as 2nd Pencil. [6174]
  • Created a script which will separate the first day from all long form bookings that start on the current date. [11391]
  • You can now specify “dividers” to separate different “groups” of resources on large views. The colour of the divider is fully customised by yourself, but we have included some defaults for you to get started. Simply add captions in the view editor to get started [10621]


  • We have replaced our search screens with new customisable searches. You can have your own search definitions now, so if you want the columns in a different order, or some of the search boxes removed, you can! [9122]


  • Added ability to run custom PHP reports from all search results pages. This gives us (and 3rd party developers) the chance to build powerful reports right in to the search pages. Simply do your search, then select the report you want to produce from the results. Each report can be configured as accessible or not via an access code. [7331]




  • Improved efficiency (therefore speed!) of ‘Cost All Jobs’ feature in Project > Client Billing. [12871]


  • Fixed issue that would occasionally result in column alignment issue, or missing column in Project > Cost Tracker report. [15631]

Bug Fixes



  • Improved the text and pop-up messages for the Cost Jobs feature. [14601]
  • Cost Jobs feature is no longer available (visible), if $USE_DATE_BASED_ACTUAL_TIMES = 9, as it does not work correctly for the setup. [14751]
  • Fixed issues with reconciliation process: 1) ‘Reconcile’ BUTTON did not set Reconciliation to Prepared once complete. 2) The ‘* RECONCILE *’ LINK would set the Reconciliation to Prepared, even if the process was not fully successful. [13041]


  • Entering a zip code into a company record will now automatically populate the state and country. (currently only working for US zip codes). [11651]


  • Fixed problem with staff costs not being updated accordingly, when: 1) ‘Dragging’ a resource on the schedule. 2) Lassoing job and using ‘Change Resource’. 3) Swapping a resource from within job screen. [11201]
  • Fixed issue causing /save/job/changeServiceOnResourceSchedule2.php page (used in multiple places) to use the wrong staff cost field (resourceservice.overheadrate instead of servicerate), if $HIDE_GROSS_RATE is set to 1. [14771]


  • Event Title and Event Notes search criteria now use wildcard at beginning of search string (as well as at end of search string). eg so that searching for ‘No7’ would return ‘Boots No7’. [14211]


  • Formatted Total Hours column as per other hour columns (ie always 2 decimal places). [12231]


  • Fixed issues with discountability flag when creating a quote from a template (specifically templates with ‘use_rates’:false). [12141]


  • Removed validation on resource overhead code, unless the setting $TRACK_RESOURCE_COSTS_IN_GEKKO is on – the user will never be prompted for an overhead code. [10351]


  • New depots added to the time zone functions for TXC (Texas Central) and SFO / San Francisco. [16601]
  • New depots added to the time zone functions for Boston and BST (which is short for Boston). [15831]