18.08 – Release Notes



  • Added a button to the User Information screen which allows an admin to unlock a locked account easily. [27292]
  • Added the Project ‘Alt Contact’ field to the dashboard Project Status report. [27381]
  • We have added a new Status drop down list to the ‘Allocation Rate Editor’ page, (accessed from the Admin Options area of the system), which will allow for a Project Type to be ‘Hidden’. Doing so will remove the hidden Project Type from the drop down list when creating a new Bid, Job, Purchase Order etc.  The hidden project type will NOT be hidden on the search pages, allowing you to search for any of the retired project types.  When setting a Project Type to Hidden the default Project Type will be cleared for all users who have that Project Type as their default, which will prevent new entities being created with the retired Project Type.  Also, if the user who set the project type to Hidden has that project type as their default, the default Project Type session variable will be unset. [107]

Accounts Transactions

  • It is now possible to edit the Transaction Date on Invoices and Reversals if the user has the required permissions. If the date is editable, it will be highlighted with a Green border. [9641]


  • The Bid confirmation email will now include the bid Subtitle if one exists. [27013]
  • Pasting quote sections no longer refreshes entire quote. Added ability to Cut quote sections. Multiple sections can now be cut/copied and pasted, similar to quote detail items. Added ‘paste at bottom’ icon to allow pasting cut/copied sections at bottom of quote (in addition to pasting above the section clicked, using normal paste icon). [101]
  • We have expanded the `/quoterevertstatus` accesscode to allow you to have more control over which status a user can revert. Don’t worry though, all your current accesscodes have been converted so you won’t need to do anything to any users until you want to restrict access.  The new codes are `/revertauthorisedquotestatus`, `/revertconfirmedquotestatus`, `/revertcompletedquotestatus`, and `/revertawaitingauthorisationquotestatus` [122]


  • For clients using our default invoice report, the Due Date displayed at the top of the report will now display ‘Payable By Return’ text if the $PAYMENT_TERM_DAYS config setting is not set. [296]
  • We’ve added a “Project Happiness” tab to the project reports. This will show you an average of how happy the artists have indicated they are for this project.  This option is only really useful if you are using the Niko Niko style happiness logging from the artists portal. Please contact CETA if you would like this enabled on your site. [120]
  • We have added the ability for you to add extra “resource” people drop downs and define your own `categorycode` values for them. This enables you to assign certain staff (from resources) as members of the dropdown, allowing you to pick arbitrary contact dropdowns for your projects. This is especially useful for companies with overseas offices where you have “project leads” in multiple locations for the same project.  The dropdowns will appear on the main project page when set up and act the same as the “Lead Artist” dropdown. You can have up to 10 extra dropdowns.  Please contact CETA for instruction on how to set this up. [116]


  • Setting holiday/shift Start Date to a later date than the End Date will now automatically update the End Date to match. [27380]
  • Hovering the cursor over a booking on the main schedule will now highlight the resources working on the project as well as the jobs on the project. [113]
  • Added the Job subtitle field to the booking bar on the main schedule. This will appear in bold on the second line. [202]
  • The resources listed down the left hand side of a schedule view can now be repositioned by clicking them (as if you were going to book them) and then by clicking the “Move” button at the top of the ‘Temporary Booking’ window. You can then click another resource on the schedule and pick whether to move them above or below that resource. All the resources will then be moved to that location. [112]
  • We’ve added a status option at the bottom of the schedule that allows you to see the “actual” start and end of a completed job (as opposed to the booked times).   Note: This option is only available on certain iCFM installations. [124]


Purchase Orders

  • Fixed bug where the wrong date and caption would be displayed on the confirm PO delivery date pop-up if the type of Purchase Order was Freelance, Hire or Out Sourced. [97]

Multiple Costing Sheets

  • Fixed issue with discount service rates on an MCS, (Multiple Costing Sheet). Discounting a specific service would result in all service being discounted instead of the selected service. [261]


  • Fixed bug where the PCS code would not include the manually entered portion of the text for some clients. [203]
  • Fixed issue where editing the Client and Contact name on an existing Project would incorrectly update the Client and Contact name on Bids attached to the Project. [343]
  • Fixed bug where the user name would be used rather than the user’s full name when creating a new Bid. This also caused a validation issue when creating a new Project from a Bid if that functionality was enabled. [27315]


  • Fixed issue with line breaks when inputting multi-line information in DMG info on jobs, where once you clicked out of the Input box the text would go back to a single line. [303]

Misc. Costs

  • Fixed bug that caused an error message stating that the Project Type and Project Number did not match when saving a new Miscellaneous Cost, (Sundry). [304]


  • Fixed bug where the stacking order of Jobs on the Schedule would not always be correct if the bookings were manipulated using certain methods, Slide, Drag, Copy etc. Bookings are now always ordered by priority – e.g. Confirmed, Pencil, 2nd Pencil.


  • Added a message box to the CSV export function which will warn the user that all entity records will be exported if the CSV export link is clicked before running a search. This could result in the system crashing if the records number more than the current maximum allowed results. [27262]