18.11 – Release Notes

Release Notes: 18.11



  • We’ve altered the default project search pages so that the filters appear on the left hand side (like the main search). This allows you to view lists of jobs INCLUDING cancelled jobs now.

  • Fixed bug where the section Markup link did not prompt for a markup percentage when clicked. [614] <18.08.08>

  • Fixed issue which could cause quote line totals to be incorrect when creating a quote from template, if there is a custom ratecard in place.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Fixed bug where the invoice editable fields would remain enabled if you opened an existing invoice and then clicked the ‘Create Empty’ link to add a new transaction. This would result in the new transaction title and description being copied to the previously opened invoice. [662]

  • Fixed bug which caused Jobs not to appear on the Outstanding services report if the new method of applying actuals was enabled.

Data Issues

  • Fixed bug where the CSV export file on the dashboard ‘Ready To Invoice’ tab would include unwanted HTML tags. [726]


  • We’ve added the ability to export to XLS in addition to CSV from the search screens. <18.11.01>

Media and Shipping

  • Fixed bug where an incorrect  validation message would be displayed when trying to update the Location of a media record attached to a project that had been Sent To Accounts. [690]

  • Fixed bug where the depot was not being saved on shipping notes which meant that they would not appear on the dashboard Traffic tab. [694]

Misc Costs

  • Added a visual size limit to the Misc Cost receipt image, so that a large image is reduced and does not effect the page layout. Clicking on the receipt will open the full size version of the image in a new tab. For more information click here.


  • Fixed issue whereby ‘Client Billed Total’ figure in the project ribbon D/E (& ‘Invoiced Revenue’ in ribbon F) could be incorrect – it previously included internal billing as well as client billing.

  • You can no longer set a Project status to Sent To Accounts if it has active bids attached, (New, Authorised, Awaiting Authorisation or Confirmed). [710]

Purchase Orders

  • We fixed a bug where No Charged POs would sometimes lose their no charge status with no way of toggling it


  • We have improved how the Project Happiness is displayed and it now shows each Artist as their own colour, with a single bar per day for their recorded Happiness. This is only available if you are recording Artist Happiness via the Artist Portal. Please ask us for more information.

  • Added a new setting so that Net Costs are calculated by the artist’s “Actual” Hours, rather than the rounded up or down “Billable” hours. Previously, this would often be rounded up to a day – even if the Artist worked on two Jobs (so the Net Total would be the equivalent of two full days). This is only useful if you are using Net Cost reporting. Please ask us if you would prefer this method of reporting to be enabled.


  • The ‘Unavailable’ status checkbox is now selected by default when opening the main Schedule page. [601] <18.08.08>

  • Fixed bug where dragging a resource booking on the schedule that had child services attached to it would duplicate the child service. [641] <18.11.01>

  • Fixed Bug with the Dynamic schedule view where the ‘Show Holidays and Shifts’ check box would only work if the ‘Show All Bookings’ checkbox was selected. [695]

  • Fixed bug where cancelling the resource move would not exit out of the function correctly which meant that the system would try to move the next resource that was selected. [834]


  • Fixed incorrect fieldname being used for the camera search on the project search page. [634]


Artist Portal

  • There is now a simple calendar at the bottom of the Artist Portal, so that your creatives can see what Jobs they have coming up without needing to access the main iCFM schedule.

  • Created a new version of the Artist Portal which allows actualising per Resource, rather than per Service. This forms part of a new methodology we have been working on which allows for much simpler management of artist cost tracking. Please ask us for more information.


  • We have created a new Plugin that allows for some additional information to be added to a Quote header – specifically for the fields required on AICE style bids. If you are a member of AICE, please ask us if you would like this feature enabled.

  • Several changes have been made to quote section and details, including some column/icon repositioning and improved cut/copy/paste functionality. In addition, a partial re-write has been done to reduce the need to refresh entire quote, and increase the speed in general.  For more information click here.

  • We have created a new accesscode which will prevent users from seeing the tiers and/or staff costs on a bid.  For more information click here.

  • Added the rate card description to the quote section export file. The rate card description is now displayed under the supplier service code so that it is easier to map to local services. [544] <18.11.01> For more information click here.

  • Added an Export to Excel link on the Bid Actuals page. [631] . For more information click here.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Added a new column the dashboard ‘Export’ tab which displays the transaction ‘Tax/Vate Code’ information. [110]

  • Added ability to customise the line detail text used in the Sage export file.


  • We have made some major changes to how Project Accruals work. You are now able to assign revenue to specific Depots for each period. Until now, you were unable to specify the location where the work would take place. This gives power to your finance teams who can now make much more accurate accruals.
  • Added ability to enter Overhead Costs in the Ratecard. The overhead cost will automatically be added to the Net Rate (to make Gross Rate) in the Resource > Services editor. Also, the Staff Cost values in Quote screen will include the overhead cost from the ratecard. For more information click here and here.

  • New media records now require a Job id to be selected or the ‘Client Supplied’ or ‘No Charge’ checkbox ticked if the REQUIRE_JOB_ID_ON_NEW_MEDIA config setting is enabled. [333] <18.11> . For more information click here.

  • Added new config setting which when enabled will create a blank Comment text input when adding a new row on the Job DMG tab.The new setting is: $CREATE_BLANK_DMG_COMMENT [337]

  • Added a checkbox to the Job Search page labeled ‘DMG Only’. Selecting this criteria will only return Jobs that have Job Detail, (DMG), lines attached. [340].  For more information click here.

  • Removed the ‘Copy Times From Booked’ button from the Job ‘Actual Times’ tab which will force the user to select the correct times when completing service times on a Job. [605]

Leads and CRM

  • We have added a new property to Leads, so that you can add them to Phases. This is a separate value to the Status and you can customise the options available. In a future version we will be adding a basic Kanban-style display. For more information click here.

Media and Shipping

  • We have added the ability to create a list of “barcodes” (or other references) with a Library Media item. This allows you to add as many references as you need, so that with each record you can make a note of any barcode you find on the asset. This data is searchable in the Media search using the regular Barcode field.

  • We have split out the permissions for regular saving, and moving Library Media. This enables more granular controls over who can make changes. Users or Groups that previously had the permission to save Library Media can now also Move Media.

  • We now keep a record of when key values change on a Media record. A new table (available on the “Edit History” tab) will keep track of the old and new values when someone updates any of the following fields: barcode, project number, jobID, product name, company name, title, subtitle, copy type, version, shelf, no charge reason, or location.

  • Added the Our Contact field to the search criteria to the Media search page. [639] For more information click here.


  • We have added the ability to flag Projects as “High Security”. From that point on, additional checks are made when moving Library Media. A message will be shown, and a log will be made any time that Media on a High Security Project is accessed. Only the ‘Our Contact’ of a Project can make changes to this value.

  • We have added a new list to the Team tab on Projects. This allows you to specify those who are to be listed as “Project Custodians”. This list of People will then be displayed anytime a user opens a Media asset or Shipping note on a High-Security Project – alerting them that only those listed as Custodians are allowed to request Media movements. To add people to the list, make sure they are first listed as a Team member. Only the Project ‘Our Contact” can update this list.

  • The ‘Related Project #’ field in the Project header now lists Project’s that have been Sent To Accounts. [119] . For more information click here.

  • Added a new user access code which is required in order for users to set a Project status to ‘Sent To Accounts’. The new access code is named ‘/changeprojectstatussenttoaccounts’ and is located in the ‘Projects’ section of the user access code page. [262] For more information click here.

  • The team member ‘Role’ is now mandatory when adding a new team member to the Lead, Project, Company and Quote team lists. Roles are now a selected from a drop down list. The data comes from all ‘unique’ existing roles that have been used before and from items in Combo Box Options which have the category ‘role’. [339] For more information click here.

Purchase Orders

  • Added new events to event queue, when Client Attending information is updated (client_attend_added / client_attend_modified / client_attend_deleted), and when Purchase Order status is changed (po_status_change).


  • There are now additional columns available in the ratecard, so that you can store AICE codes against your regular CETA service codes. These codes can then be printed in your bids or invoices – without having to sacrifice the easy-to-remember codes you may already be using.

Reporting and Dashboard

  • For customers who need it, we have added sections and columns for Montreal, (MTL), and Chicago, (CHI), depots – on the Revenue Allocation dashboard report [336]

  • We have added a new config setting that uses the “Actual Units” to calculate the total Net Cost to you. Each artist can have a cost associated with them, and previously we used the “Billable Units” which could be rounded up to the nearest day. This would create an inflated Net Cost value. If you make use of Net Costs (ie Costs without overhead), please ask us if you would like to use this setting. $USE_ACTUAL_UNITS_FOR_NET_COSTS = 1;

  • If the logged in user is the Executive Producer on a Project, the Project will now be listed in the Active Projects list on the dashboard ‘Home’ tab. [737]

  • Added a new report for calculating capacity to the Dashboard. This report is called  “Schedule Seats” and shows Artist bookings between dates, and how many seats there are available for the same dates. If you are not tracking Seats as resources, you can simply enter a number of available seats for each Department. The system tells you how many artists have bookings each day, and whether you have enough seats for them.


  • The client attending field has been changed to a UTC date field (in line with the rest of iCFM). You won’t notice any difference as an end user.
  • Added setting to prevent being able to have 2nd Pencil bookings on Pencil jobs. Where job conflictions occur, the job status will be changed to 2nd Pencil, as well as the booking in question.

  • We have removed the ‘/showjobnotes’ access code and replaced it with four new ones, ‘showJobProducerNotes’, ‘showJobOperatorNotes’, ‘showJobShippingNotes’, ‘showJobOfficeNotes’. Users who previously had access to all four notes options will still have the same access as they had before. [198] . for more information click here.

  • Using the Drag tool on the schedule will now take into account any linked resources on both the source and target resources when dragging a booking to a new resource row. Similarly, changing a resource using the Lasso will now update linked resources in the same way. [212] . For more information click here.

  • The unavailable status checkbox on the main schedule is now selected by default. [664, 601] For more information click here.

Systems and Security

  • Our code is now fully compatible with PHP7 and we will be upgrading our servers soon. PHP 7.2 is reportedly 80% faster than PHP5.6 (our current version) so users should see a speed increase once we upgrade. Using PHP7 also means we can take advantage of some newer technologies – including adding OKTA support in an update coming soon.