Changes to our Support / Helpdesk Software

Dear CETA users,

Here at CETA, we are phasing out our in-house Support system in favour of FreshDesk, which is a cloud-based platform, used by thousands of companies.

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This will allow us to spend more time working on iCFM, and less time dealing with issues in our admin software.

As part of this process we will be transferring any new tickets to FreshDesk, and closing them out of CETA-Support. We will also be moving every ticket we action so that all your future communications go via FreshDesk.

We will not yet be retiring the CETA-Support software since many of our customers still have tickets in place. However, many of the tickets are on hold, and are unlikely to be actioned – so this is also an opportunity to have a cleanup.

We will be moving all Bugs to the new software, but will not transfer any feature-requests automatically. If there are feature-requests you would still like us to develop, we ask that you please forward the ticket info to [email protected] Alternatively, please call us to discuss which tickets you would like to transfer and we can assist you with doing so.

We apologise for any disruption, but we hope that the new platform offers an easier and more efficient way to get support when you need it, along with a nicer interface with many features that we have been hoping to add to our own platform for many years without success.

This move is part of a larger overhaul of our support and development policies, where we hope to improve our ticket response times and offer a faster route to release, for any custom software development you require us to work on.

If you have any questions about this process, please either email us at [email protected] or call us at the office.

All the best,

Sam, and everyone at CETA