The iCFM software contains many useful tools that help you manage your projects successfully. Being web-based makes collaboration easy and by using our APIs you can write your own tools, or even provide access to select information to your customers.

We are always happy to give you a full demonstration and a trial version so you can be completely happy with your decision.

Browser Based Interface

  • No installation required.
  • All features available directly from within Firefox.
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Share one system with different departments in different time zones.
  • Easy to navigate web-based layout – no confusing new applications to learn.
  • Password protection to help sensitive information remain confidential.


  • Simple to use, graphical resource scheduling system.
  • Add an unlimited number of resources of any type.
  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Animated schedule window.
  • Colour-coded resource / time management.
  • Fast redraw times.
  • On-screen Disk Space Monitoring for resources (Flames, Smokes, Avids and other data-hosts).
  • Holiday and shift management.
  • View in iCal (or other calendar applications that support the iCal format).

Bidding and Income Projection

  • Build quotes using data from the rate card
  • Create and re-use quote templates
  • Quote sections allow categorisation of services
  • Create revisions of quotes
  • Build rate cards based on quotes for projects
  • Keep quote history for a project
  • Configurable quote discount thresholds

Costing and Invoicing

  • Automatic creation of costs based on rate card or quoted rates
  • Make manual adjustments to all areas of an invoice
  • Custom ratecards for different customers
  • Export to Sage Accounts and many other accounts packages
  • Group multiple invoices together
  • Split costs from a single job over multiple invoices
  • Bill in any currency

Project Management

  • Clear analysis of real-time data.
  • Schedule Production Milestones.
  • Compare quotes with actual usage.
  • Track team members and Project contacts.
  • Part-bill projects or bill on a single invoice.
  • Create deposit invoices.
  • Apply discounts at project level.
  • Management reports.

Sundry Costs and Runners

  • Record all purchases quickly and efficiently against the jobs they relate to.
  • Store scanned documents of receipts or other related files.
  • Import costs to your invoices, already marked up at a set percentage.
  • Track runner jobs and movements.

Purchase Orders and Budgets

  • Create orders and attach them to projects or jobs.
  • Manage complex budgets.
  • Specific user spending thresholds and approval limits.

VT, Data and Tech Ops

  • Fast entry of ticket-style job requirements.
  • Search library database for masters.
  • Clear VT control with new job notification.

Media Library and Labeling

  • Comprehensive library database.
  • Fast searching of all data including tape contents and notes.
  • Link library media to projects.
  • Automatic creation of library records from dubbing jobs.
  • Create labels based on library data.

Fast Searching and Reporting

  • All data available within a few clicks.
  • Many useful search queries built into the software.
  • Hundreds of potential reports, built to your requirements.

Advanced Contact Management

  • Keep details of companies and contacts.
  • Review job history including financial details.
  • Contacts can be attached to multiple companies.