19.05 – Release Notes


The Project list on the My Projects dashboard tab will now show Projects where the user is the Executive Producer. Further documentation can be found here.  icfm/core#511

Added new config setting which will allow the new Bid Financials Panel to be open by default when opening a bid. The new setting is named – DISPLAY_QUOTE_FINANCIALS_BY_DEFAULT.  Further documentation can be found here.  icfm/core#504

When importing a CSV file of sundries you are now given more information about failures, such as which row and why. This should make it easier to quickly discover problematic imports.  cfm/core#484

We have added a new report to the dashboard called “Quote Services”, which allows fast searching on Bid line items. You can enter some criteria and search to see all matching bid rows for that service, between dates, for specific project types. The main justification for adding this report was to provide a simple way of seeing how much had been quoted for food in a tax year. However, it has many other uses.  Further documentation can be found here.   icfm/core#461

We’ve changed the project calendar view so that the days run from Monday to Sunday like a normal working week. Furthermore, long form bookings (bookings that span days) will now print on the individual working days.  icfm/core#454

Each of the reports on the Report Pack tab on the dashboard now has an Export, CSV and Copy button.  icfm/core#453

The Job Costings list on the Project Client Billing tab now displays the Job subtitle in Green text beneath the Job ID. Similarly, the Resource attached to the costing will be displayed beneath the description.

Also added a horizontal scrollbar to the costings list.  icfm/core#412

We have consolidated several behind-the-scenes methods of configuring Sundry Types (in Misc Costs). The only noticeable change to the user is that you can now see the associated ratecard service, next to the ‘Sundry Type’ box in the Misc Costs screen.  icfm/core#409

Added the ability to create labels for each rate card service. These are manually entered and should be separated by a comma if entering multiple labels. Further documentaion can be found here.   icfm/core#404

In the Job > DMG tab, added the ability to add several blank lines in one go for Inputs and Outputs. Use the + button followed by ‘Add [Blank]’ menu option. Further documentaion can be found here.   icfm/core#384

Added the ability to add media events to a specific Job ID from the events search page. Events can be added to the Job as DMG Inputs or Outputs or as required media.  icfm/core#383

Added the Library and Event duration fields as search criteria in the DMG Input / Output media search pop-up.  icfm/core#382

Made a small change so that Product name’s are now displayed in alphabetical order in the Product search criteria drop down list.  icfm/core#381

We’ve improved the readability of the LDAP error message when a user enters the wrong account details. Now, when a user enters incorrect login information, they will receive an “Invalid credentials” error message, instead of the highly cryptic “Unable to bind to LDAP server”.   icfm/core#377

The Lead Artist/Editor and director/producer search criteria are not auto-suggest lists. icfm/core#376

Added new accesss code (/changejobproductcompany) to control ability to alter the Product and Company on a saved job. Doing so should be done with caution, as prices can vary for different Products/Companies.  icfm/core#373

Roll number can now be displayed in the media header as well as the Our Ref field.  icfm/core#371

Added a new option to the Project ‘Entities’ tab named Sub Projects. This tab displays all Project records that have the Project Number of the selected Project in the ‘Related Project’ field. Further documentation can be found here.  icfm/core#367

You can now write your own JavaScript code to be included on the entity display pages.  This means you can default certain text boxes to certain values when creating a new project, or job. You can display an alert when opening a company. The list of possibilities is pretty much, endless. If you would like to discuss this, then speak to a CETA support person.   icfm/core#366

We’ve added a super useful “Clear” button to the search pages. This will do as you’d expect, and clear what is entered into the search boxes.  icfm/core#364

Changed layout of the Company Information header to allow for UK and European formatted addresses.  icfm/core#271

We’ve changed the report pack dashboard reports slightly. The reports that have resources within them, like “Schedule Artists”, for instance, are now grouped by the resource category. This keeps relevant artists together, such as all the 3D artists.  icfm/core#189


For consistency with our spectrum API, user status (cetauser.fd_status) now must be set to ‘Active’ to be able to log in. This has been the case to some degree for some time, but other values such as ‘Available’ would be allowed. icfm/core#512

Companies are now displayed as a clickable link beneath the contact name on the Project Team tab. icfm/core#473

Fixed problem caused by entering ‘<‘ symbol in DMG Input/Output boxes – the text would be saved/displayed incorrectly. icfm/core#465

Added ‘Removed Selected Media’ button to Job > Media Required tab. Previously there was no way to remove media that had been added! icfm/core#464

Added currency formatting (namely thousand separators) to monetary values in quote detail lines, and quote section total. icfm/core#436

Our Contact field is now populated when creating new media from the Job > Media tab.

Also added our contact validation against the resource record.  icfm/core#405

We’ve changed the way the schedule dividers work. They are now individual lines in the admin options->view editor in their own right and can be moved around independently from the resources.  icfm/core#370

Fixed bug in the shift and holiday editor where changing the start date would sometimes update the end date incorrectly. icfm/core#368

The access code /savejobschedule is intended to allow/deny users from being able to add/delete/edit resources booked on jobs. This rule was not implemented everywhere but now has been. The only exception is that resource booking statuses can be changed by changing job status (assuming the user has permission to do that, ie /savejob).  icfm/core#342

The ‘Set as ready to export’ button is now displayed if the transaction is an invoice and there is no prepared date. icfm/core#341

Fixed a bug which was stopping internal invoices from showing the billing lines during the “Full Detail” print mode.  icfm/core#289

Fixed problem which allowed users to edit Authorised, Goods Received and Completed Purchase Orders if using $CREATE_MONTHLY_PO_JOBS setting, which should be prohibited at all times. Note that this is a non-standard setup and does not affect most systems. icfm/core#288

When selecting the pagination limit on each of the search forms the system will now save the current setting for all search pages rather than saving them individually for each search form.  icfm/core#287

A ‘Clear’ button has been added to all read-only date pickers throughout the system.  icfm/core#264

19.02 – Release Notes

Release Notes: 19.02

Please be advised that the release notes are still a work in progress as the team finish up the final bits of development.  We will aim to have them finished very soon so please do keep checking back!



  • We’ve added the ability to lasso multiple jobs and change their times. You can choose from the standard iCFM preset times (i.e. AM, PM and full day).  In addition, you can choose to “squeeze” the jobs into fractions of the day. icfm/core#311
  • A Print button has been added to the Project calendar page which also gives the option to export to PDF [1283].  icfm/core#309
  • We’ve added the ability to print the calendar schedule. The calendar schedule can be found in the Project page under the “Schedule->Calendar” menu option [783]. icfm/core#239
  • (NEW) We’ve added the ability to copy/move multiple resource schedules (as long as they are all for the same resource) at once. Simply lasso the jobs in question and then use the drag/copy buttons on the lasso toolbar.  In addition to this, we have made iCFM remember where you left the lasso popup [453] icfm/core160


  • Made some improvments to quote export / import functionality [956] icfm/core#274
    • Added ‘select all’ sections checkbox to export & import popups.
    • Sections containing no line items (or only zero quantity/time items) are no longer offered to export.
    • Added ability to import section(s) at top or bottom or the quote (previously always inserted at top).
    • Comments entered when exporting are now displayed when importing the file.
    • Covering letter (optionally) added to export file, which can be merged with existing covering letter when importing.
  • We have added a new side panel to the Bid display page. This shows a breakdown of various financials on the quote, and includes a link to each section allowing easy access (rather than having to scroll up and down).  We have also added a new setting that allows a 3rd option – where costs can be assigned as either Inside or Outside. The third setting allows setting an item as “Intercompany” – and revenue is excluded on calculations. This was developed so that where you have clear passthrough costs to another company within your group, you can flag them as such. Ask us for more information [777] icfm/core#322.


  • We have built some schedule-based management reports that show daily or weekly bookings for x number of days/weeks. These are available from within the new “Report Pack” dashboard tab.
    The reports allow you to choose how you wish to see the data – and it is possible to show it by artist, our contact, client, product etc.
    It takes a fraction of a second to build most reports – even if you want to see 2 years, by week for everyone at your facility. [533] [542] icfm/core#190.
    Jobs are colour-coded, and vacation is shown in the results too.
  • In the new dashboard Report Pack, schedule based reports now show partial (ie. non-full day) bookings as a smaller bar with their size relative to the portion of a full day. [536] icfm/core#193
  • The ‘Service’ criteria on the Job search page now also looks at the DMG service descriptions [878]. icfm/core#310.
  • (NEW) We have re-built the UI of the main Project page, so that we can more easily customise things. As a part of this, we have added the ability to include a team list in the top right corner. This allows easy viewing of everyone involved in the Project – rather than having to open the People->Team list. The list also shows any commission values. icfm/core#305
  • (NEW) Added new Project level report that shows the Margins data – grouped by Inside or Outside, so you are able to see profit for each cost type. [783] icd=fm/core#163
  • (NEW) Added the ability to set up specific Team roles which, if the logged in user is booked as, will show the Project in the “My Projects” dashboard report. icfm/core#54

User Settings

  • This is useful for staff who solely use one part of the software, such as the schedule. In the user’s information screen, you can choose from “Dashboard” (the default), “Schedule” and “Admin Options”.   Next time the user logs into iCFM, their landing page automatically loads. [830] icfm/core#164


  • Added script which will remove and whitespace from the beginning and end of all contacts names throughout the system. This fixes many validation issues where contacts names are saved. icfm/core#161  


  • Added the ability to specify whether ratecard services are taxable or not. This does not yet affect costings, but will do in a future release. [1017] icfm/core#151


  • Added the ability to edit the lead Phase from the lead search results. icfm/core#267


  • If you are set up as a Project ‘Costing Contact’, those Projects will now be listed on the dashboard ‘My Projects’ tab. [929] icfm/core#247  
  • Reinstated the column sorting capabilities of many Dashboard reports. [334] icfm/core#48


  • Added a new field to the accounts transaction pop-up named Due Date. This field is editable after the billing approval becomes an invoice. icfm/core#150
  • Added a new config setting which when enabled will only allow the setting of an invoice date to be within the current month. This applies to Invoices and Deposit Invoices. The setting is named – $RESTRICT_INVOICE_DATE_TO_CURRENT_MONTH – and is disabled by default. [1018] icfm/core#276  
  • (NEW) Added a new setting that allows Billing of Completed Bids. Without this setting enabled, it is not possible to select a Completed Bid from the drop down when creating a new Billing Approval. icfm/core#337


  • We have added the ability to set up custom mandatory fields before a Project can be set as Sent To Accounts. [1032] icfm/core#273  


  • (NEW) You can now export search results as XLS files. Simply click the .xls button at the bottom of the search filters.



  • It is now possible to create new quote templates from the Bid Template Editor page. icfm/core#182


  • Cost Job’ feature which can be used to update jobs to Costed in bulk is now available when using the Regular / Weekend / Overtime job actualisation method. icfm/core#249


  • We have added the ability to “hide” a project type from certain drop-downs. Mostly the search pages WILL show them for historical reasons, however when creating new projects, the hidden options will not be visible.  This ability can be found in the Admin Options -> Allocation Editor. icfm/core#320


  • (NEW) We have upgraded the libraries for our table and grid controls. This means we have fewer graphical glitches in the UI and tables load slightly faster.   icfm/core#339

Bug Fixes


  • Removed the ‘ALL’ option from the schedule depot drop down list as it would cause the page to freeze if selected. [1237]  icfm/core#262
  • Fixed bug where resources that have child services attached to them would have the child service duplicated when using the Lasso tool on the main Schedule page. [1265]  icfm/core#277


  • Added Our Contact field to Lead page. This removes need to add a Team member for Our Contact, and populates the Project Our Contact field when creating project from lead.  icfm/core#180
  • Fixed problem which could cause depot selectors to not show all depots. Affected some reports in Project screen, and Dashboard.  icfm/core#281


  • Fixed issue where toggling the rate card action icons would cause the page to scroll back to the top if you were editing a row further down the page.  icfm/core#182


  • Fixed bug where the width of the service code column in the quote Summary was not set which meant it could cause display issues at certain screen resolutions on a Linux machine. icfm/core#107
  • We’ve changed the way quotes are generated from templates.
    If the template contains any services which have been changed to HIDDEN or DELETED, or have no GL/Nominal Code then these will NOT be added to the new quotes. icfm/core#235


  • Improved security of search screens to minimise the ability to use SQL injection attacks.  icfm/core#253


  • Fixed typo in a line of text that appears on the Client Billing page of a Project that is Sent To Accounts.  icfm/core#181
  • (NEW) We fixed a bug which meant no charging a MCS would no charge the jobs within it, even if they had been invoiced. [736] icfm/core#157


  • Updating job type names in Combo Box Options will now automatically update job records with that job type, to prevent subsequent issues such as job type filters not achieving the desired effect.  icfm/core#266

18.11 – Release Notes

Release Notes: 18.11



  • We’ve altered the default project search pages so that the filters appear on the left hand side (like the main search). This allows you to view lists of jobs INCLUDING cancelled jobs now.

  • Fixed bug where the section Markup link did not prompt for a markup percentage when clicked. [614] <18.08.08>

  • Fixed issue which could cause quote line totals to be incorrect when creating a quote from template, if there is a custom ratecard in place.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Fixed bug where the invoice editable fields would remain enabled if you opened an existing invoice and then clicked the ‘Create Empty’ link to add a new transaction. This would result in the new transaction title and description being copied to the previously opened invoice. [662]

  • Fixed bug which caused Jobs not to appear on the Outstanding services report if the new method of applying actuals was enabled.

Data Issues

  • Fixed bug where the CSV export file on the dashboard ‘Ready To Invoice’ tab would include unwanted HTML tags. [726]


  • We’ve added the ability to export to XLS in addition to CSV from the search screens. <18.11.01>

Media and Shipping

  • Fixed bug where an incorrect  validation message would be displayed when trying to update the Location of a media record attached to a project that had been Sent To Accounts. [690]

  • Fixed bug where the depot was not being saved on shipping notes which meant that they would not appear on the dashboard Traffic tab. [694]

Misc Costs

  • Added a visual size limit to the Misc Cost receipt image, so that a large image is reduced and does not effect the page layout. Clicking on the receipt will open the full size version of the image in a new tab. For more information click here.


  • Fixed issue whereby ‘Client Billed Total’ figure in the project ribbon D/E (& ‘Invoiced Revenue’ in ribbon F) could be incorrect – it previously included internal billing as well as client billing.

  • You can no longer set a Project status to Sent To Accounts if it has active bids attached, (New, Authorised, Awaiting Authorisation or Confirmed). [710]

Purchase Orders

  • We fixed a bug where No Charged POs would sometimes lose their no charge status with no way of toggling it


  • We have improved how the Project Happiness is displayed and it now shows each Artist as their own colour, with a single bar per day for their recorded Happiness. This is only available if you are recording Artist Happiness via the Artist Portal. Please ask us for more information.

  • Added a new setting so that Net Costs are calculated by the artist’s “Actual” Hours, rather than the rounded up or down “Billable” hours. Previously, this would often be rounded up to a day – even if the Artist worked on two Jobs (so the Net Total would be the equivalent of two full days). This is only useful if you are using Net Cost reporting. Please ask us if you would prefer this method of reporting to be enabled.


  • The ‘Unavailable’ status checkbox is now selected by default when opening the main Schedule page. [601] <18.08.08>

  • Fixed bug where dragging a resource booking on the schedule that had child services attached to it would duplicate the child service. [641] <18.11.01>

  • Fixed Bug with the Dynamic schedule view where the ‘Show Holidays and Shifts’ check box would only work if the ‘Show All Bookings’ checkbox was selected. [695]

  • Fixed bug where cancelling the resource move would not exit out of the function correctly which meant that the system would try to move the next resource that was selected. [834]


  • Fixed incorrect fieldname being used for the camera search on the project search page. [634]


Artist Portal

  • There is now a simple calendar at the bottom of the Artist Portal, so that your creatives can see what Jobs they have coming up without needing to access the main iCFM schedule.

  • Created a new version of the Artist Portal which allows actualising per Resource, rather than per Service. This forms part of a new methodology we have been working on which allows for much simpler management of artist cost tracking. Please ask us for more information.


  • We have created a new Plugin that allows for some additional information to be added to a Quote header – specifically for the fields required on AICE style bids. If you are a member of AICE, please ask us if you would like this feature enabled.

  • Several changes have been made to quote section and details, including some column/icon repositioning and improved cut/copy/paste functionality. In addition, a partial re-write has been done to reduce the need to refresh entire quote, and increase the speed in general.  For more information click here.

  • We have created a new accesscode which will prevent users from seeing the tiers and/or staff costs on a bid.  For more information click here.

  • Added the rate card description to the quote section export file. The rate card description is now displayed under the supplier service code so that it is easier to map to local services. [544] <18.11.01> For more information click here.

  • Added an Export to Excel link on the Bid Actuals page. [631] . For more information click here.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Added a new column the dashboard ‘Export’ tab which displays the transaction ‘Tax/Vate Code’ information. [110]

  • Added ability to customise the line detail text used in the Sage export file.


  • We have made some major changes to how Project Accruals work. You are now able to assign revenue to specific Depots for each period. Until now, you were unable to specify the location where the work would take place. This gives power to your finance teams who can now make much more accurate accruals.
  • Added ability to enter Overhead Costs in the Ratecard. The overhead cost will automatically be added to the Net Rate (to make Gross Rate) in the Resource > Services editor. Also, the Staff Cost values in Quote screen will include the overhead cost from the ratecard. For more information click here and here.

  • New media records now require a Job id to be selected or the ‘Client Supplied’ or ‘No Charge’ checkbox ticked if the REQUIRE_JOB_ID_ON_NEW_MEDIA config setting is enabled. [333] <18.11> . For more information click here.

  • Added new config setting which when enabled will create a blank Comment text input when adding a new row on the Job DMG tab.The new setting is: $CREATE_BLANK_DMG_COMMENT [337]

  • Added a checkbox to the Job Search page labeled ‘DMG Only’. Selecting this criteria will only return Jobs that have Job Detail, (DMG), lines attached. [340].  For more information click here.

  • Removed the ‘Copy Times From Booked’ button from the Job ‘Actual Times’ tab which will force the user to select the correct times when completing service times on a Job. [605]

Leads and CRM

  • We have added a new property to Leads, so that you can add them to Phases. This is a separate value to the Status and you can customise the options available. In a future version we will be adding a basic Kanban-style display. For more information click here.

Media and Shipping

  • We have added the ability to create a list of “barcodes” (or other references) with a Library Media item. This allows you to add as many references as you need, so that with each record you can make a note of any barcode you find on the asset. This data is searchable in the Media search using the regular Barcode field.

  • We have split out the permissions for regular saving, and moving Library Media. This enables more granular controls over who can make changes. Users or Groups that previously had the permission to save Library Media can now also Move Media.

  • We now keep a record of when key values change on a Media record. A new table (available on the “Edit History” tab) will keep track of the old and new values when someone updates any of the following fields: barcode, project number, jobID, product name, company name, title, subtitle, copy type, version, shelf, no charge reason, or location.

  • Added the Our Contact field to the search criteria to the Media search page. [639] For more information click here.


  • We have added the ability to flag Projects as “High Security”. From that point on, additional checks are made when moving Library Media. A message will be shown, and a log will be made any time that Media on a High Security Project is accessed. Only the ‘Our Contact’ of a Project can make changes to this value.

  • We have added a new list to the Team tab on Projects. This allows you to specify those who are to be listed as “Project Custodians”. This list of People will then be displayed anytime a user opens a Media asset or Shipping note on a High-Security Project – alerting them that only those listed as Custodians are allowed to request Media movements. To add people to the list, make sure they are first listed as a Team member. Only the Project ‘Our Contact” can update this list.

  • The ‘Related Project #’ field in the Project header now lists Project’s that have been Sent To Accounts. [119] . For more information click here.

  • Added a new user access code which is required in order for users to set a Project status to ‘Sent To Accounts’. The new access code is named ‘/changeprojectstatussenttoaccounts’ and is located in the ‘Projects’ section of the user access code page. [262] For more information click here.

  • The team member ‘Role’ is now mandatory when adding a new team member to the Lead, Project, Company and Quote team lists. Roles are now a selected from a drop down list. The data comes from all ‘unique’ existing roles that have been used before and from items in Combo Box Options which have the category ‘role’. [339] For more information click here.

Purchase Orders

  • Added new events to event queue, when Client Attending information is updated (client_attend_added / client_attend_modified / client_attend_deleted), and when Purchase Order status is changed (po_status_change).


  • There are now additional columns available in the ratecard, so that you can store AICE codes against your regular CETA service codes. These codes can then be printed in your bids or invoices – without having to sacrifice the easy-to-remember codes you may already be using.

Reporting and Dashboard

  • For customers who need it, we have added sections and columns for Montreal, (MTL), and Chicago, (CHI), depots – on the Revenue Allocation dashboard report [336]

  • We have added a new config setting that uses the “Actual Units” to calculate the total Net Cost to you. Each artist can have a cost associated with them, and previously we used the “Billable Units” which could be rounded up to the nearest day. This would create an inflated Net Cost value. If you make use of Net Costs (ie Costs without overhead), please ask us if you would like to use this setting. $USE_ACTUAL_UNITS_FOR_NET_COSTS = 1;

  • If the logged in user is the Executive Producer on a Project, the Project will now be listed in the Active Projects list on the dashboard ‘Home’ tab. [737]

  • Added a new report for calculating capacity to the Dashboard. This report is called  “Schedule Seats” and shows Artist bookings between dates, and how many seats there are available for the same dates. If you are not tracking Seats as resources, you can simply enter a number of available seats for each Department. The system tells you how many artists have bookings each day, and whether you have enough seats for them.


  • The client attending field has been changed to a UTC date field (in line with the rest of iCFM). You won’t notice any difference as an end user.
  • Added setting to prevent being able to have 2nd Pencil bookings on Pencil jobs. Where job conflictions occur, the job status will be changed to 2nd Pencil, as well as the booking in question.

  • We have removed the ‘/showjobnotes’ access code and replaced it with four new ones, ‘showJobProducerNotes’, ‘showJobOperatorNotes’, ‘showJobShippingNotes’, ‘showJobOfficeNotes’. Users who previously had access to all four notes options will still have the same access as they had before. [198] . for more information click here.

  • Using the Drag tool on the schedule will now take into account any linked resources on both the source and target resources when dragging a booking to a new resource row. Similarly, changing a resource using the Lasso will now update linked resources in the same way. [212] . For more information click here.

  • The unavailable status checkbox on the main schedule is now selected by default. [664, 601] For more information click here.

Systems and Security

  • Our code is now fully compatible with PHP7 and we will be upgrading our servers soon. PHP 7.2 is reportedly 80% faster than PHP5.6 (our current version) so users should see a speed increase once we upgrade. Using PHP7 also means we can take advantage of some newer technologies – including adding OKTA support in an update coming soon.

18.08 – Release Notes



  • Added a button to the User Information screen which allows an admin to unlock a locked account easily. [27292]
  • Added the Project ‘Alt Contact’ field to the dashboard Project Status report. [27381]
  • We have added a new Status drop down list to the ‘Allocation Rate Editor’ page, (accessed from the Admin Options area of the system), which will allow for a Project Type to be ‘Hidden’. Doing so will remove the hidden Project Type from the drop down list when creating a new Bid, Job, Purchase Order etc.  The hidden project type will NOT be hidden on the search pages, allowing you to search for any of the retired project types.  When setting a Project Type to Hidden the default Project Type will be cleared for all users who have that Project Type as their default, which will prevent new entities being created with the retired Project Type.  Also, if the user who set the project type to Hidden has that project type as their default, the default Project Type session variable will be unset. [107]

Accounts Transactions

  • It is now possible to edit the Transaction Date on Invoices and Reversals if the user has the required permissions. If the date is editable, it will be highlighted with a Green border. [9641]


  • The Bid confirmation email will now include the bid Subtitle if one exists. [27013]
  • Pasting quote sections no longer refreshes entire quote. Added ability to Cut quote sections. Multiple sections can now be cut/copied and pasted, similar to quote detail items. Added ‘paste at bottom’ icon to allow pasting cut/copied sections at bottom of quote (in addition to pasting above the section clicked, using normal paste icon). [101]
  • We have expanded the `/quoterevertstatus` accesscode to allow you to have more control over which status a user can revert. Don’t worry though, all your current accesscodes have been converted so you won’t need to do anything to any users until you want to restrict access.  The new codes are `/revertauthorisedquotestatus`, `/revertconfirmedquotestatus`, `/revertcompletedquotestatus`, and `/revertawaitingauthorisationquotestatus` [122]


  • For clients using our default invoice report, the Due Date displayed at the top of the report will now display ‘Payable By Return’ text if the $PAYMENT_TERM_DAYS config setting is not set. [296]
  • We’ve added a “Project Happiness” tab to the project reports. This will show you an average of how happy the artists have indicated they are for this project.  This option is only really useful if you are using the Niko Niko style happiness logging from the artists portal. Please contact CETA if you would like this enabled on your site. [120]
  • We have added the ability for you to add extra “resource” people drop downs and define your own `categorycode` values for them. This enables you to assign certain staff (from resources) as members of the dropdown, allowing you to pick arbitrary contact dropdowns for your projects. This is especially useful for companies with overseas offices where you have “project leads” in multiple locations for the same project.  The dropdowns will appear on the main project page when set up and act the same as the “Lead Artist” dropdown. You can have up to 10 extra dropdowns.  Please contact CETA for instruction on how to set this up. [116]


  • Setting holiday/shift Start Date to a later date than the End Date will now automatically update the End Date to match. [27380]
  • Hovering the cursor over a booking on the main schedule will now highlight the resources working on the project as well as the jobs on the project. [113]
  • Added the Job subtitle field to the booking bar on the main schedule. This will appear in bold on the second line. [202]
  • The resources listed down the left hand side of a schedule view can now be repositioned by clicking them (as if you were going to book them) and then by clicking the “Move” button at the top of the ‘Temporary Booking’ window. You can then click another resource on the schedule and pick whether to move them above or below that resource. All the resources will then be moved to that location. [112]
  • We’ve added a status option at the bottom of the schedule that allows you to see the “actual” start and end of a completed job (as opposed to the booked times).   Note: This option is only available on certain iCFM installations. [124]


Purchase Orders

  • Fixed bug where the wrong date and caption would be displayed on the confirm PO delivery date pop-up if the type of Purchase Order was Freelance, Hire or Out Sourced. [97]

Multiple Costing Sheets

  • Fixed issue with discount service rates on an MCS, (Multiple Costing Sheet). Discounting a specific service would result in all service being discounted instead of the selected service. [261]


  • Fixed bug where the PCS code would not include the manually entered portion of the text for some clients. [203]
  • Fixed issue where editing the Client and Contact name on an existing Project would incorrectly update the Client and Contact name on Bids attached to the Project. [343]
  • Fixed bug where the user name would be used rather than the user’s full name when creating a new Bid. This also caused a validation issue when creating a new Project from a Bid if that functionality was enabled. [27315]


  • Fixed issue with line breaks when inputting multi-line information in DMG info on jobs, where once you clicked out of the Input box the text would go back to a single line. [303]

Misc. Costs

  • Fixed bug that caused an error message stating that the Project Type and Project Number did not match when saving a new Miscellaneous Cost, (Sundry). [304]


  • Fixed bug where the stacking order of Jobs on the Schedule would not always be correct if the bookings were manipulated using certain methods, Slide, Drag, Copy etc. Bookings are now always ordered by priority – e.g. Confirmed, Pencil, 2nd Pencil.


  • Added a message box to the CSV export function which will warn the user that all entity records will be exported if the CSV export link is clicked before running a search. This could result in the system crashing if the records number more than the current maximum allowed results. [27262]

Changes to our Support / Helpdesk Software

Dear CETA users,

Here at CETA, we are phasing out our in-house Support system in favour of FreshDesk, which is a cloud-based platform, used by thousands of companies.

Image result for freshdesk dark

This will allow us to spend more time working on iCFM, and less time dealing with issues in our admin software.

As part of this process we will be transferring any new tickets to FreshDesk, and closing them out of CETA-Support. We will also be moving every ticket we action so that all your future communications go via FreshDesk.

We will not yet be retiring the CETA-Support software since many of our customers still have tickets in place. However, many of the tickets are on hold, and are unlikely to be actioned – so this is also an opportunity to have a cleanup.

We will be moving all Bugs to the new software, but will not transfer any feature-requests automatically. If there are feature-requests you would still like us to develop, we ask that you please forward the ticket info to [email protected] Alternatively, please call us to discuss which tickets you would like to transfer and we can assist you with doing so.

We apologise for any disruption, but we hope that the new platform offers an easier and more efficient way to get support when you need it, along with a nicer interface with many features that we have been hoping to add to our own platform for many years without success.

This move is part of a larger overhaul of our support and development policies, where we hope to improve our ticket response times and offer a faster route to release, for any custom software development you require us to work on.

If you have any questions about this process, please either email us at [email protected] or call us at the office.

All the best,

Sam, and everyone at CETA

18.05 – Release notes

Release Notes

New Features


  • Added ability to view DMG jobs on the schedule, by ticking the ‘D’ checkbox. Note, that Schedule views will require resource(s) with a name beginning ‘Unassigned DMG’ with suitable Cost Centre for unassigned DMG jobs to be shown. Otherwise, only Jobs assigned to an operator in the DMG page, with a start/end time will appear, and they will be shown against their resource. This means that as well as seeing the usual Scheduled artist/editor style jobs in the Schedule, you can see jobs that would normally only appear in the DMG page. The idea is that you can visualise how busy your DMG team are. [5151]


  • We have developed a new tool for recording information about Artists’ Contracts. This means you can set up and record historical and forward-looking information about the agreements you have with your Artists. This includes the type of contract, start and end dates, and rates for that Artist’s standard and overtime. This will be built out into a system where we can alert you of approaching renewal requirements, and track more accurate costing information when you schedule people on jobs. Eventually, this information can also be displayed on the Schedule to allow you to see where there may be resourcing and capacity issues. [7431]


  • We have developed a new system for adding “plugins” to iCFM, and our first plugin is a new tool for building complex CG-style bids. It has been developed to help you build out complex bids without the overhead typically involved in our regular iCFM bidding process. It is ideal for large CG-heavy projects, which usually contain many Elements, each with many Services. An Element can be a Shot or an Asset (or anything else you want to create) and it will consist of rows of services. We have also included the ability to set up templates for the type of work that you might do regularly. Within a template, you can define the quantities of each service for things like “Complex Character” or “Complex Vehicle” etc. which can contain 3 days of Build, 2 days of Lighting etc. This will then mean you can build out a Quote Prep very quickly by simply adding “templated” rows for the various elements involved. Eventually, we will be adding the ability to import this data into our regular Bidding module. [7726] Documentation Page


  • Added a way of seeing artist stats from the resource editor. This includes recent projects they worked on, with financials and actual/booked hours. [11951] Documentation Page


  • Added access code (/showShiftNotesOnBooking) to allow hiding of shift descriptions in Schedule. [26225]


  • Added a report which shows a list of departments, and then a list of staff vs seats to give you an indication of the seats available over a particular time span. [26521] Documentation Page


  • Created new dashboard tab named Pencil Report. This provides a count of pencil, 2nd pencil and confirmed bookings for specific sub categories of staff resources. The background colour for each of the department columns reflects the most bookings for a specific status. Pink for 2nd Pencils, Light Blue for Confirmed and Light Green for Pencils. The report can be filtered by Cost Centre, (depot), Project start and end dates or a single project number can be specified. Access code `/dashPencilReport` required. [26522]


  • Added a new report named Credit List which can be accessed from the Project – People tab. The report displays the resource name, resource category, services and the number of days booked on a project and also the actual number of days on the project. The report can be exported as a CSV and results may be filtered by cost centre. [26523] Documentation Page


  • Created a report which will show a breakdown of hours spent on individual services split by depot per project. [26524] Documentation Page



  • The Schedule will now display jobs booked at the same time, in a ‘stacked’ manor (similar to Milestone views), as opposed to being drawn on top of each other. [7540] Documentation Page


  • You can now edit the production company fields on a quote even if its not New – if you have the /savequote access code. The boxes are highlighted green like other areas of iCFM. This denotes you can edit the value of the field without pressing a Save button. [11621]


  • Schedule now shows relevant depot for public holidays (eg ‘Good Friday (UK)’). Schedule can now show multiple public holidays for the same day – ie there could be different holidays for different depots on the same day. Note that it is possible to highlight (on the schedule) public holidays with a different colour per depot. Please contact CETA for further information. [18251] Documentation Page


  • Made a small change that means artists who do not have the `/savejob` permission will now be able to enter their actual hours and the Job will auto complete, (if auto completion is enabled). Previously the user would need to have the `/savejob` permission in order to perform this task which includes functionality that the user might not need or should not have. The `/applyactualtimes` permission is now the only access code required to complete actual times and auto complete the Job. [26562]


  • When creating an internal accounts transaction, the Depot field no longer defaults to the user depot. As this field cannot be altered once saved, this should reduce likelihood of mistakes. [26756]


  • When importing quote section into a DMG instruction line we now include the section title in the description. Useful information if your bid sections are separated into different spots or episodes. [26906] Documentation Page


  • We’ve tightened login security. Accounts will become locked after X amount of failed logins. Requiring an administrator to unlock the account. Also, users who have not logged in for X number of days will be automatically locked out. This will prevent users who’ve left the company to log in at a later date (if you’ve forgotten to disable them) [27182] Documentation Page

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed problem causing weekend shading & job positioning to appear slightly off (by an hour) when clock change period is visible on the Schedule. [5574]


  • If the text in the search criteria drop down lists exceeds the width of the drop down a tool tip will be displayed showing the full text [22981]


  • Fixed bug where Jobs would not be updated when changing the product name on a project. [27159]


  • Fixed problem which meant it was impossible to remove a default service from a resource. This can now be done by clicking the (green) Default button on the selected default service. [27177]


  • Fixed non-working lead link from Contact > Leads tab. [27188]


  • Fixed typo in text on the project alias pop-up [27189]


  • Fixed bug where deleting a resources default service from the service list on the resource information ‘Services’ tab would not remove the service code from the resource nominal code field. [27202]

18.03 – Release Notes

New Features


  • Added ability to export & import quote section/detail data. Requires new access codes ‘/exportquote’ and ‘/importquote’, and some configuration required. Please contact CETA for more information. [7212]


  • Created a new dashboard tab, (To Do List (Filters), which includes search criteria for depot, resource, project number, project type, product, service and also our contact. This also takes into account the /showMyJobs access code which, when denied, will display jobs for all users. [26111]


  • Added the ability to delete job notes. [26268]


  • Fixed bug where it was possible to manually enter a Project type into a users profile. This could result in new Projects being created without project numbers. Also added project type validation to other entities if one is required, (including user information). [26916]




  • Created a script to allow you to send the daily (tomorrow) list to a set of email addresses automatically. This requires the use of “tokens” to allow iCFM to be connected via a system script. [7314]


  • We’ve added a button to clear a sundry page, so you can create a new sundry cost from an existing one. [21321]


  • We’ve added the ability to stop the strict validation of companies and contacts on delivery notes. So you can freetype any string you like without actually creating a company/contact record. This only applies to delivery notes. [25461]


  • Created a bid estimate report to mimic the financial ribbon F [26755]


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug which meant when you removed contact names from the various elements of a project header, their related resourceID/contactID was not cleared. [26904]
  • Project contacts that are selected from the resource and company contact lists are now validated when saving a Project header. This is in place to ensure that the Project team is kept in sync with valid contacts/resources. Also added validation for the Internal and External team members when saving. [26907]