Roadmap – 16.08 (Release Intentions)

While there will also be many other issues and requests that we work on, below outlines the main areas that we hope to focus on for this release.


  • Our main objective for the August 2016 release is a big push forward with the Leads module. This part of the software is used for tracking sales leads and allows you to create a Project from the Lead information when it becomes useful to do so. There are many improvements scheduled, including:
    • Manually attach a Lead to a Project [7063]
    • Add Event Queue triggers to all key methods [1562]
    • Deliver improved UI [5214]
    • Complete ability to link Resources, Users and Contacts – allowing History to come from all aspects
    • Notification and alerts for issues relating to Leads (eg. No contact for n days etc) [6265]
    • Export to CSV from Leads search / dashboard [6779]
    • Improvements to Leads search / dashboard – filters / search capability changes [6836]
    • Add ability to use attachments via the API [7175]
    • Add win/loss information [6860]
    • Add % probability [6860]
    • Add option to ‘tag select’ stages so more than one option can be selected [6860]
    • Transfer all Lead information to the Project when it is created, including the Team list [5496]

Data Integrity

  • For the last few releases, we have been adding more and more locks into the system to ensure our data is as accurate as possible. While this has meant a few issues with not being able to revert Invoices, overall we now have a system in which the data is always in good shape for reporting purposes. We intend on continuing with this process and making sure that more loopholes are closed.

UTF Encoding

  • There are still some areas within the iCFM system where non-British letters and special characters are encoded incorrectly, resulting in unusual text appearing for no obvious reason. We are working through all areas to make sure that any value is permitted and that it loads and saves correctly.