Training: ADM-002-001 – Holiday Allowance


Adding Holiday Allowance to a Human Resource allows you to track and control Holiday, Sick Leave, Leave which is being carried over from the previous Year and any days in Lieu that might be owed to the Resource.

Configuring Holiday Allowance For a Human Resource

Each Human Resource can be allocated a unique holiday and sick leave allowance.

To add this information you will need to locate the resource in the Resource List.

Menu > Admin Options > Resource List

Once you have located the resource you wish to add the holiday information to, click the edit icon, (yellow paper and pencil), in the cell in the left hand column of the search results. This will pop-up the ‘Add / Edit Resource’ form.

The right hand column of the ‘Add / Edit Resource’ pop-up contains all of the Holiday related fields. If these fields are not visible, contact you system administrator who will be able to enable them for you.

The options are as follows:

  1. Holiday Start Date – Date from which the holiday allowance begins.
  2. Holiday End Date – Date that the Holiday period ends on.
  3. Days Holiday Per Year – The total amount of days allocated to the resource for the year.
  4. Days Carried Holiday – The number of days carried over from the previous year.
  5. Days in Lieu – The number of days holiday due to the resource because of holidays that fall on a non working day.
  6. Sick Leave Allowance – The total number of days of sick leave allowance.

Once the above fields have been entered, click the ‘Save Resource’ button at the bottom of the page.

Holiday Reporting

There are currently two reports available in iCFM which will display holiday information for a single resource, or for a group of resources.

Option 1 –

  1. Open the main Schedule page and locate the required resource on one of the Views.
  2. Click the stopwatch icon located in the left-hand column near the resource name. This will open the ‘Holiday and Shift Editor’ pop-up.
  3. At the top right hand corner of the Holiday and Shift Editor click the link labeled ‘Print Absence Report’.
  4. A new tab will open in your browser and the details of the selected resource holidays will be displayed. The report breaks down the amount of holiday taken each month for the past year.

Option 2 –

  1. Open the Management Reports module from the main menu – Menu > Management Reports
  2. Extend the Report drop-down list and scroll through the list until you come to the CAPACITY ETC section. Here you will find three report relating to Holidays and Leave, these are ; Holiday, Holiday 2, Absence Report, (Please note that this report is slightly different than the Absence Report which is accessed via the Holiday & Shift Editor as explained above).
  3. After selecting a report enter a date range you would like to view. Y2D will give the the Year up to the current date. TM will show you Holiday data for the current month, or you can specify any date range using the the From and To date range pickers
  4. If you click the ‘Run Report’ button at this point the results will return the data for all resources. If you would like to see a specific resource, select them from the Operator drop-down list and click the ‘Run Report’ button again.