Training: ADM-002 – Resources


Resources are schedulable, trackable items within iCFM. They can be people, rooms, licenses, computers, or any other item that you feel you need to keep track of.

Note: You should only ever have one record for each Resource. If you have a Resource that can be used for more than one purpose (eg. A freelance artist who can use both Flame and Nuke) do not create two Resources. You can set up which Services the artist is capable of – and choose the correct one when scheduling.


There are many topics that relate to Resources within iCFM. Some are described here, and others are on separate pages – linked at the bottom of this article.


Adding / Editing Resources

There is a built-in editor for adding and updating Resources within iCFM. To access:

  1. Select “Admin Options” from the main menu
  2. Click “Resource List”
  3. Enter criteria if you want to search for a resource
  4. Click the Search button
  5. Click the yellow paper and pen icon on the left of the row
  6. Edit details as required and click Save

If you want to add a completely new Resource, click the green + button in the header.

Scheduling Views

In order to make a Resource easily schedulable, you will need to add it to a View. Views are groups of Resources that can be accessed and displayed in the Schedule feature of iCFM.

To update Views you can use the View Editor:

  1. Select “Admin Options” from the main menu
  2. Click “View Editor”
  3. If you want to create a brand new View, click the “Add View” button
  4. From the centre section, choose the View you want to change
  5. From the left hand side, use the input boxes to search for the Resources you want to add to the view
  6. Double click the Resource in the left hand panel to add it to the View
  7. Use the green up/down arrows to move the Resource’s position in the View
  8. You can also drag/drop Resources in the list to move them more than one place at a time

Keeping Your Resource List Up To Date

It is critical that you keep your Resource list up to date. If it appears to a scheduler that you have more availability than you really do due to not removing out-of-date items, you may run in to production problems come crunch time. We advise that you have a dedicated person (or team) who is responsible for keeping the resource list current.

If you keep your Resource list in another system already (such as Active Directory) – it may be possible to integrate your existing list with iCFM. Talk to CETA for details.

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