Training: BIL-001 – Creating Billing Approvals


A Billing Approval is essentially a pre-invoice which you add service costs too in preparation for creating an invoice which you will send on to your client.

You can create them with any value and can add all the information that might be expected to appear on an invoice.

The idea is that you send it to your client so they can approve it, and possibly give you a purchase order number, before you finalise and turn it in to an Invoice.

Creating a Billing Approval

There are several ways to create a Billing Approval, but the easiest, (and preferred), method is to create them from the Project Summary page.

  1. Open the Project
  2. The bottom right section of the Project Summary is titled ‘Billing Approvals’.
  3. Clicking the Green + icon will open up the ‘Create Interim Deposit’ window.
  4. From here you can select the Confirmed Bid which the service costs are attached too, and then either add a percentage of the Bid total that you would like to invoice for or manually add the invoice total.
  5. Once you click ‘OK’, the Billing Approval will be created for the specified amount and will appear the Billing Approval panel.
  6. At this point, the Billing Approval can still be edited, so you will be able to add and remove costs as desired. This can be done from the Project ‘Client Billing’ tab.