Training: GEN-001 – The Main Menu


The main menu is accessed by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the iCFM home page. Doing so opens a list of various options – the visibility of which depends on the users current access permissions.


Menu Items



The display menu contains links to some of the main features of iCFM, including the Dashboard, Schedule and DMG Control.

  • Dashboard
  • Schedule
  • DMG Control
  • Actuals Collection
  • Outstanding Services
  • Sundry Management
  • Media Movement
  • Add Stock
  • Management Reports
  • Admin Options


The search menu shows all the different entity types that iCFM tracks. From this list you are able to Search for items using a form, Create new items, or Find specific items by ID.

  • Lead
  • Project
  • Bid
  • Job
  • Purchase Order
  • Shipping
  • Product
  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Accounts Transaction
  • Media
  • Media Transactions
  • Quality Assessment


  • Change My Password
  • Custom Reports
  • Help
  • Logout
  • Cancel