iCFM Training – Video Index


Below are some training videos that should help you learn and navigate various aspects of the iCFM software. These videos are a work in progress and may not show you the specific way of using iCFM as determined by your internal procedures.

They are intended to be useful for new users and existing users – but please use with caution and always check with your CETA representative before changing the way you use the software – especially if you have been trained in a specific way.


ADM-001 – Adding Users and Permissions
ADM-002 – Resources
ADM-003 – Ratecard
ADM-004 – Drop Down Options
ADM-005 – Public Holidays
ADM-006 – Exchange Rates


GEN-001 – The Main Menu
GEN-002 – Companies and Contacts
GEN-003 – Producers and Advertisers (Brands)
GEN-004 – Changing Your Password
GEN-005 – What Are Resources
GEN-006 – What Are Services


PRJ-001 – Concepts of a Project (Type, Product, Client, Title etc)
PRJ-002 – Adding a New Project
PRJ-003 – The 8 Summary Boxes
PRJ-004 – Project Tabs Overview
PRJ-005 – Project Milestones
REP-001 – Important Project Reports
PRJ-006 – Project Status


BID-001 – Concepts of a Bid
BID-002 – Adding a New Bid
BID-003 – Templates
BID-004 – Bid Sections and What They Are For
BID-005 – Detail Lines
BID-006 – Changing Financials
BID-007 – Adding More Detail
BID-008 – Printing / PDF and Options For What Is Included (coming soon)
BID-009 – Tiers, Margins and Profitability
BID-010 – Revising Bids and Why It’s important
BID-011 – Status (Approvals/Confirmation)
BID-012 – Authorisation and Approval Limits
BID-013 – Adding Actuals and Printing for Client


BIL-001 – Creating Billing Approvals
BIL-002 – Editing Billing Approvals
BIL-003 – Credits and Reversals
BIL-004 – Reconciling
BIL-005 – Sage Integration


GEN-005 – What Are Resources
GEN-006 – What Are Services
SCH-001 – Overview of the Schedule
SCH-002 – Adding a New Job
JOB-001 – Job Status Values
JOB-002 – What Attach Bids To Jobs
SCH-003 – Options in the Right Click Menu
SCH-004 – Using the Lasso Tool
REP-002 – How Scheduling Effects Reporting (coming soon)
OPS-002 – Artist Portal and Artists Completing Their Own Actuals (coming soon)
SCH-005 – Shifts
SCH-006 – Holidays / Vacations (coming soon)


ACT-001 – Approving Jobs
ACT-002 – Collecting Actual Hours via Actuals Collection
ACT-003 – Approving Miscellaneous Costs (coming soon)