Welcome to CETA

We develop the iCFM suite of cloud-based production management tools, for use by the VFX, film and commercials industries.

We understand that no two facilities are the same, and collaborate with our clients at every step to improve and develop our products, making sure we are able to offer the best possible software solutions.


Create bids from any number of templates.

Track your actuals and provide your clients with clear documentation, always in the same format no matter which producer works on them.

Easily apply complex discounts and markup and fine tune all descriptive content.

Estimate your costs as well as project your revenue.

Keep unlimited revisions and even configure approval processes.


Track any number of resources, including people, rooms, desks, equipment and licenses.

Navigate through time and move resources using drag and drop.

Share schedules in real time with your artists via subscribed calendars and collect their “actuals” via the Artist Portal.

Create Purchase Orders for out-sourced work and have your runners enter costs for meals and travel.


Create Interim bills based on your quotes for easy ‘First 50’ invoices.

Capture all incoming costs and make sure everything is tracked.

Decide on which items are billable and provide your client with up-to-date actuals easily.

Export your invoice-data to a variety of finance packages, and produce hundreds of management reports with just a few clicks.